Assalamualaikum my name is nur atirah~~ 안녕하세요 사람들!!내 이름 아티랗 입니다~~많이 사랑해주세요! 화이팅!!!!! do read do follow ok?

Friday, 26 July 2013



 throw back again all my memories with all my good friends last year is the best year for me,,
even i had such a sadness moment ever but with my friends everything is going well
even some of my friend is changed but as long as my memories with me its okay..

 we was in 3AB dan kelas kami adalah kelas yang nakal mungkin,,
sometime we buat our teachers angry,
but all my teacher are cool actually ,,
i just hope that all my old friends will ingat aku forever,,

 the boys who always buat bising dalam kelas~
without Haikal and Firasyeden our class will be boring..
haikal is the mood maker in our class
Mad will his cromok,,
shaifullah is the brain in our class,,when we think about him we will be bersemangat nak belajar
Helmi is the drama type person,,when you start talk with him you will be forget to do your work,,
Hanif is the annoying sometimes
Idham is just normal person but when he join su and the other friend he will change
shamil is quite normal but when talk about politic he will change too
najmi is just so so peson but whe its come to his love story life aku memang tak mahu tengok

the girls

actually its quite awkward to talk about them
i dont know everything changed now

but its all past 

Sue is most trouble maker in our class when he gabung dengan haikal and mad it will be disaster moment ever
but she is quite nice
Izzati ruby and nabihah is quite childish,, they even have their our group called black pearls,,i think..but because of that they adalah cute group ever,,and they love kpop,,that for sure.
twins is my friends and they is being nice nice to sehingga ke hari ini 
syakirah,, i got nothing to say about her..
wani and jannah is so humble and they are so kind,, 
akma is the shorter in our class,haha

 our ustazah that we will ingat sampai bila bila
the ayat yang kami masih ingat bila dia marah "kene marah buat muka hijau macam adudu"

our math teacher .. the funny teacher ever
he will make us laughing everytimes he mengajar
without them we are tak boleh berjaya
thanks to them,,
who always want to see us berjaya
now we know why they are so angry when our result is bad,,

everything is changed now semua menyikut haluan masing masing
and i actually really want to be like that again just like last year