Assalamualaikum my name is nur atirah~~ 안녕하세요 사람들!!내 이름 아티랗 입니다~~많이 사랑해주세요! 화이팅!!!!! do read do follow ok?

Friday, 15 November 2013

Movie’s Over

It’s less painful than I thought
I go out to play, sleep at the right time, and hear from pretty girls.
It’s hardly possible that love doesn’t make me live.
It’s totally impossible, impossible. I blanked out you already.

I will get out of your mind.
Would you leave me out with flying colors?

Movie’s over. The movie’s over.
The curtain rings down as soon as the movie starts.
Bye bye good bye bye
Don’t make it bad oh girl. Please just leave me.
The story was like a dream.
Our relationship is over this time. It’s over.

We have fought because of such trivial matters easily.
We just tried to diminish each other overlooking our faults.

I don’t want this happens again since it’s obvious that it will be repeated.
We don’t need to meet because we know we will bicker over again.
Only dust comes out after brushing dirty clothes.A scar will be left even though the wound heals up.

Something is left like a knockoff sticker.
You fall me off after, leaving a messy trail.
Although the more frictions we get, the hotter we can be.
Why do you act tired at trivial efforts, why?